4 novembre 2011Sylvie Guerreiro - translation: Elizabeth DoerrFor all these involved on the planet of watchmaking, Arnaud Tellier is
one thing like a residing, breathing encyclopedia replica audemars piguet royal oak offshore diver . Having a background in vintage watchmaking and restoration, he has been in charge
from the prestigious Museum in Geneva for your previous eleven years. Actually, you can say he is one thing like the residing memory
from the brand. Some readers will keep in mind that he also spent the decade from 1990 to 2000 as an professional and auctioneer at
Antiquorum, the international auction home based within the heart of Geneva. Around the occasions 1 met with him, he usually wore a
really traditional watch on his wrist. That's, till now.

Arnaud Tellier's new brand is positioned amongst the cream from the avant-garde 2lmx

Suddenly resigning from his post in the museum final July, 1 could have imagined he would start consulting. Nevertheless, he chose a
entirely various path, and now reappears around the scene with an astonishing model on his wrist, simultaneously passing about photos
of additional creations to come. He has just opened Tellier Fine Arts, a business specialized in professional opinions, guidance, and
dealing in art (especially watchmaking). replica Tag Heuer Link Most importantly, nevertheless, will be the reality that he also just founded the brand 2lmx
-ultimate horology. If 1 considers this mini-brand a member from the trend toward "new horology, " it's important to keep in mind that
its watches are neither idea watches nor "time machines, " upon which the aesthetics aren't necessarily the very best and upon which
it's frequently difficult to read the time. Frankly, such watches are occasionally not even wearable.

Arnaud Tellier, CEO de 2lmx. DR

Tour de force Nevertheless, the present cost-effective scenario isn't necessarily probably the most optimal 1 in which to launch a
brand new brand. So why would he do this replica watches cheap ? "2mlx -ultimate horology will be the code name to get a group of buddies, all in their 40s, "
answers Tellier. "They consist of a watchmaker, a micromechanical operator, a draftsman, a digital industrial concept man, a case
maker, along with a web site and animated film creator. All of them have worked within the watch business for 15 to 20 years.
Recognized as specialists in what they do, they're active as suppliers for significant brands. The objective of 2mlx would be to
generate a couple of timepieces per year in an exclusive and distinctive way, to provide type to new suggestions, to generate
watchmaking -- just watchmaking, absolutely nothing much more, and only that. In the moment, we do not have any monetary pressure and
only have to meet our production costs. What interests us will be the want to achieve this, the technical, revolutionary and aesthetic
challenge. I've the benefit of understanding who I will sell our initial pieces to, on 'subscription' obviously. "

Endowed having a tourbillon, the caliber permits a obviously visible view from the hours and minutes through two cylinders 2lmx

100 hours of energy reserveTellier explains that this watch "was not produced on an established workbench about the corner. It could
only be accomplished by indicates of contemporary production processes. The display of hours and also the minutes by cylinder is
entirely new and novel. A number of patents regarding the types and also the names shield it. And also the time is obviously legible. "
Behind the extremely modern style comprising gracious curves and audacious volumes there beats a manufacture caliber with one hundred
hours of energy reserve supplied by two barrels axially positioned within the center from the motion. The gear train, also vertically
positioned, is regulated by a one-minute tourbillon with rotating a Swiss lever escapement beating at 18, 000 vph. The caliber, titoni watches prices that is
hand-finished and -assembled, is crafted in steel, gold and titanium. The case will probably be accessible in gold, platinum or
titanium. Only the movement's ruby jewel bearings, the sapphire crystals from the case, and also the bracelet are outsourced. The very
first 2lmx ought to be prepared for delivery in 2012 and only a dozen of them are scheduled to become created every year. Tellier is
bound and determined to visit the Grand Prix de l'Horlogerie de Geneve subsequent year with his novel timepiece. Whilst waiting to
determine the genuine factor early subsequent year, an animated film is accessible for your curious at.

2lmx arnaud tellier launches a brand name
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